3PL – ALPT Logistics Management

We are much more than a 3PL! We are an extension of your business.

No matter how big or small…our treatment is the same. We value you and your business. We will protect, monitor, and manage your assets like our own.

As your business grows, allow us to handle your extra volume and capacity without hiring additional staff.

Our modern warehouse offers much more than basic storage. We are the home base for your sophisticated eCommerce operations, high-velocity retail distribution, vendor-managed inventory, and a variety of other services. While you can build and staff your own warehouse and perform these services yourself, you will find the value in allowing us to handle your warehousing operations.

3PL Warehousing

Contract Packaging/Kitting & Insert and 3PL Fulfillment

Cross Docking

3PL Warehousing We want to be your warehouse!

We are designed to maximize speed and efficiency to meet your business needs.
It’s possible that your business has felt the pitfalls of another 3PL warehouse: delays logging inventory, lost items, shrinkage, lack of visibility. Your stock won’t sit lonely on a loading dock. We exercise a level of care to protect the interest of our customer. At our 3PL warehouse, shrinkage is not part of our vocabulary. If one of your items is lost or broken while in our care, we reimburse you, no questions asked.

Our commitment:

  • 2 Day Dock-To-Stock
    Within 24 business hours of your inventory arriving at our warehouse, we’ll have accurately processed every individual piece into the live inventory picking shelves.
  • Zero Shrinkage Allowance
    We’re the only 3PL Warehouse to operate with 0% shrinkage allowance. We don’t believe you should suffer a loss from lost or damaged inventory.
  • Inventory Management
    Our warehouse management process will provide you unprecedented visibility into the movement of your inventory, all updated in real time.

Contract Packaging Kitting & Insert and 3PL Fulfillment

Our firm provides secondary packaging, subscription packaging, special gift set package, and fulfillment solutions. We work with you to understand your specifications and meet those requirements.

Our warehouse kitting services can kit your boxes and ship them to your subscribers. Warehouse kitting allows you to create appealing gift sets for the holidays. Ship components from different manufacturers to our eCommerce fulfillment warehouse and we will do the light assembly needed before shipping. We can also add product labels and package inserts.

With our product assembly and fulfillment services your business expansion possibilities are endless! Our team understands how to manage tight delivery deadlines, specific packaging needs of retailers, and carrier shipping requirements.

We value the details!

We offer a single point of contact with exceptional response times so you're not chasing down answers. Our strengths are competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, top-level service and unquestioned quality and we would love the opportunity to discuss becoming your full-service secondary packaging and fulfillment partner.

Cross Docking

Cross-docking removes the “storage” link of the supply chain. Products are unloaded from a truck, sorted, and directly reloaded onto outbound trucks to continue their journey. Products going to the same destination can easily be consolidated into fewer transport vehicles. Alternatively, large shipments can also be broken down into smaller groups for easier delivery. The result in both scenarios is a leaner, more efficient supply chain.

We do both Pre-Distribution vs. Post-Distribution Cross-Docking!

  • Pre-Distribution. Your goods are unloaded, sorted, and repacked according to your instructions. We will send your goods to your manufacturer, supplier, or customer. We will exercise the upmost care in inventorying and caring for your goods until shipped to the desired end state.
  • Post-Distribution. We are prepared to store your goods at our facility, so that you can benefit from the additional time to make more informed decisions about where to ship your goods based on in-store inventory, sales forecasts, and point of sale trends. We are prepared to store your goods for any time you desire.

Cross-Docking Advantages
Overall, there are several main benefits to incorporating cross-docking into your retail supply chain. Because products are spending less (or no) time in the warehouse your inventory handling, and storage costs are greatly reduced

Additionally, goods typically reach their final destination (i.e. the customer) much faster, giving the retailer a competitive edge.

We are Your Supply Chain Partner!